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Shipping Insurance


Trip Transit Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance Online | FreightGuard | (804) 739-9121Shipping insurance is often referred to as freight insurance, per load cargo insurance, spot cargo insurance, trip transit insurance, spike cargo insurance, single trip cargo insurance, moving insurance, and cargo rider insurance. Although shipping insurance can go by many different names, they are all the same. Shipping insurance is not the same as excess cargo insurance or gap cargo insurance. FreightGuard provides first dollar protection for your freight shipment on a per load basis.

Who Benefits from Shipping Insurance

FreightGuard Now Shipping Insurance | FreightGuard | (804) 739-9121

Anyone can use FreightGuard’s spot cargo insurance to provide all risk loss or damage protection on cargo in transit. For high value freight, they cannot rely on traditional motor truck cargo policies that contain numerous exclusions and claim conditions. With a motor truck cargo policy, settlement is often based on weight. Pennies on the pound. FreightGuard’s shipping insurance is replacement cost coverage with very few exceptions.

Shipping Insurance Shippers and Freight Brokers

  • Expand carrier base
  • Offer an added value to customers
  • Increase profitability
  • Save time and money when booking shipments

Shipping Insurance Carriers

  • Ability to access higher valued loads that pay more
  • Increase profitability
  • Access to commodities not typically covered in motor truck cargo policies (ie. tobacco, electronics, artwork, etc.)
  • Save time when bidding on loads

How to Purchase Freight Shipping Insurance

Instant Online Shipping Insurance | FreightGuard | (804) 739-9121

International and domestic freight shipping insurance can vary among insurance carriers. It is important to work a professional insurance agent for your cargo insurance needs. FreightGuard has relationships with some of the leading freight insurance carriers. We shop for the right coverage to fit your shipping insurance needs.

FreightGuard works with individuals, small businesses, and freight brokers. We work with our carriers to insure general merchandise, household goods movements, and hard to place risks like artwork, automobiles, and electronics. We shop quotes with all of our freight insurance companies to ensure you are getting the best coverage for your price range.

Between booking your shipment and getting it ready for pickup, you have your hands full. FreightGuard makes purchasing shipping insurance quick and easy. Once you have booked your shipment and have your bill of lading or load confirmation, you can purchase insurance in one of two ways:

  1. Online at – You can quote, purchase, and print your freight insurance certificate all online in less than 5 minutes! All you need is your shipment information and a credit card.
  2. Call FreightGuard at (866) 748-4200. – By providing your shipment information, our licensed professionals will do the work for you and deliver your insurance certificate by fax or email in less than 20 minutes!

Freight Insurance Requirements

Motor Truck Freight Insurance | FreightGuard | (804) 739-9121Legally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all motor carriers to maintain liability insurance of $750,000 minimum, but this coverage is limited to bodily injury and property damage caused by the tractor or trailer insured.

Your freight is covered under a Motor Truck Cargo Liability policy. Although Motor Truck Cargo insurance is intended to protect your freight, it is still very limited in the perils insured against – fire, collision, striking. Furthermore, most motor carriers only purchase $100,000 in Motor Truck Cargo insurance. In the event of a total loss of all goods loaded on the truck, $100,000 does not go very far. Purchasing third party freight insurance through FreightGuard can be your solution!



Why Choose FreightGuard for Shipping Insurance

Fast Online Shipping Insurance | FreightGuard | (804) 739-9121

Through relationships with some of the world’s largest cargo insurance companies, FreightGuard provides freight insurance for your cargo shipments. Since 2007, FreightGuard has been a leading provider of per load cargo insurance. FreightGuard’s licensed insurance professionals can help you find the best freight insurance coverage for your needs at just the right price. Whether it be one single LTL shipment or a larger project, FreightGuard is here to help!

FreightGuard’s shipping insurance policy is a significantly broader form of coverage, which is in the name of the party who actually owns the cargo. When a claim occurs, you don’t have to prove who was responsible for the damage or theft – only that it took place during the insured transit.

You can rely on FreightGuard to protect your valuable cargo. It’s FAST…CONVENIENT…and AFFORDABLE!

To learn more, read our Freight Insurance article.


Contact one of our licensed insurance agents today for a free no obligation spot cargo insurance quote at (804) 739-9121 or purchase your freight insurance certificate online at!


Online Shipping Insurance Certificate | FreightGuard | (804) 739-9121


Shipping Insurance Online | FreightGuard | (804) 739-9121


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