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Open Cargo Insurance


Open Cargo Insurance

Open Cargo Insurance | FreightGuard | (866) 748-4200International and domestic cargo insurance can vary among insurance carriers. It is important to work with a professional insurance agent for your shipping insurance needs. FreightGuard has relationships with some of the leading cargo insurance carriers. We shop for the right coverage to fit your freight insurance needs.

FreightGuard works with individuals, small businesses, and freight brokers. We work with our carriers to insure general merchandise, household goods movements, and hard to place risks like artwork, automobiles, and electronics. We shop quotes with all of our cargo insurance companies to ensure you are getting the best coverage for your budget.


Trip Transit vs. Open Cargo

If you have shipped freight, you are probably familiar with cargo insurance, but did you know that there are different cargo policy types?

Trip transit cargo insurance provides cover for loss or damage to property in transit on a per-load basis. For small businesses and individuals, trip transit insurance is a cost-effective solution to protect occassional shipments.

Open cargo insurance is similar to trip transit cargo insurance. However, instead of covering a single shipment, an open cargo policy provides coverage for all shipments. Open cargo insurance is ideal for medium to large businesses that ship products frequently.


Who Needs Open Cargo Insurance

Frequent Shipment Insurance | FreightGuard | (866) 748-4200

Whether you ship frequently or only once in a blue moon, your cargo shipment should be covered by insurance. When considering your insurance options, you should first calculate the total annual value and volume of your shipments. So the question remains, which type of cargo insurance works best for your situation?

Frequent Shippers: If you ship multiple shipments weekly or daily, you should consider purchasing an open cargo insurance policy to cover all your shipments. It is more cost-effective to cover your large volume of shipments with an open cargo policy than on a per-load basis.

Freight Brokers: As a value-added service, you should consider purchasing an open cargo insurance policy to offer your customers the option to insure their cargo shipments. This shows that you are looking out for their best interest.

Occassional Shippers: If you only ship a few shipments monthly or annually, an open cargo policy is not for you. Consider purchasing per-shipment cargo insurance from FreightGuard to insure your individual shipments.


Why Choose FreightGuard for Your Cargo Insurance Needs

Online Freight Insurance Certificate | FreightGuard | (804) 739-9121Through relationships with some of the world’s largest cargo insurance companies, FreightGuard has been providing insurance for your freight shipments since 2007. FreightGuard’s licensed insurance professionals can help you find the best cargo insurance for your needs at the right price. Whether it be one single shipment or all shipments, Freightguard is here to help!


Contact one of our licensed insurance agents today for a free no obligation freight insurance quote at (804) 739-9121 or purchase your freight insurance certificate online at!


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